TruFIT20- Optimal Results in Minimal Time

TruFIT Equals HIT

At TruFIT, the true name of the game is high intensity training, wrapped into a custom program that FITS you and your lifestyle. Although, the “FIT” portion of TruFIT stands for “full intensity training” we believe that this program is so personalized, it just FITs into every aspect of your life. This incredibly effective exercise regiment utilizes slow motion strength training which targets muscles throughout your entire body, and best of all its extremely safe, so there’s no potential for injury. TruFIT is not a one-size fits all program, its tailored to you, your goals, your body and your needs. Best yet, you usually don’t sweat with this methodology, so if you’re a busy professional with limited time, this exercise program gets you in and out of the TruFit facility with a workout that can be done in your business apparel and only requires 30 minutes of your time once or twice a week. [...] Read More and Watch this video... but don't let it scare you, its only as hard as you will it to be.

TruFIT Schedule

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Sign up for your 3 Free Sessions if you are a first time client, or if you are a current client you can do all of your scheduling and packages right from your own computer! Its easy, if you are already in our system you can find yourself and create your own login. If you are new client you can create your login and see what we have available, remember your first one is a consultation and takes 1 hour, thereafter they are just 30 minutes!

Mission Statement What We Believe In

To provide an efficient, personalized, and comprehensive look at obtaining and maintaining health, while staying unique to each person and their needs.

  • Building Fitness as a Foundation
  • Minimum Time
  • Keeping Accountable
  • Supportive and Educated Staff and Trainers
  • Non-Intimidating
  • Results Driven- Real Success

Our Staff Meet the People at TruFit

Trufit Denver
Christie Taylor

Christie Taylor is the co-owner of TruFIT and runs the...

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Sally Archibald

Certified Trainer/Nutrition Coach Before starting with TruFIT (Formerly SuperSlow Zone),...

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Travis Jordan

Certified Trainer Travis is our most versed and experienced trainer...

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Jan Eckert

Jan originally purchased a franchise called SuperSlow Zone in 2007...

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Connor Malloy

Connor began training as a client over a year ago...

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Marcy Renton

Marcy came to us last year as a client with...

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