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This is personal.
 Let Trufit create a custom workout that FITs you.

Trufit Denver

We all go through cycles in life. At TruFIT we consistently assess your progress while keeping you accountable and modifying your FIT plan to meet your goals.


FIT START: A comprehensive look at YOU and YOUR GOALS

On your first appointment we will get a glimpse at your full physical health within a thorough consultation in order to determine all of your safety needs as well as on your second appointment we will get your full bodily assessment of where you are now and where you want to be so that we can determine your PLAN and your GOALS!! 

Consultation: Review of intake forms and information provided regarding TruFIT facility practices and procedures as well as belief systems.

Assessment: Gathering of facts and data according to your comfort level, all of which could include: Questionnaire, Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Inches, Measurements, and recent/current Blood Work.

FIT PLAN: Workout, Nutrition, and Detox


Resources you need to get the obstacles out of the way to be your ideal FIT.