FIT WorkoutFull Intensity Training

“Workout to live, don’t live to workout!”

This is an incredibly efficient and effective slow motion strength training regime that has been around for decades and is proving to be the only way to achieve the best results in the least amount of time.  With only 20 minutes a week needed for this incredibly safe but high intensity workout you will never want to set foot in a health club or gym again.  Not only is it a short workout, but generally you don’t sweat, so you are in and out in less time giving you more time to spend with family and or on the job!

Injured from your extreme bootcamp, free weight, heavy lifting workout? We can help, we are absolutely the safest program with little to no force or momentum.  We can get even better results without causing, or further damaging injuries!

-Only 20-30 Minutes Once or Twice a Week

-One on One Training

-Medically and Scientifically Proven

-Workout in your regular/business clothes

-No Sweating

-Extremely Safe

-Personalized Plans

-Affordable Personal Training

-For Busy Professionals

-Private Facility

These are just a few of our highlights that make us stand out from other fitness programs.  We are medical in our approach therefore we have a vast majority of clients that are in fact doctors because they’ve seen the science and they get it.

Our clients pride themselves on being able to stick to a program because they don’t have to live at the gym. They can have a life and be successful because they are healthy and fit with little time commitment to a workout program.

High Intensity Strength Training has been our regimen for 7 years, but we’ve taken it one step further and progressed it to adaptive resistance, and so we’re calling this FULL intensity training, because we are matching the body’s strength throughout the entire range of motion.

We were formerly a SuperSlow Zone for the past 6 years, and in 2013 renamed to TruFIT Health.  And while we love what SuperSlow Zone had to offer, we really felt that we wanted to stand out a little bit further in the personalization of the program.  TruFIT Health is Denver’s premiere location for Full Intensity Training. Why Full Intensity Training instead of High Intensity Training you might ask. Because at TruFIT we are matching the bodies own fitness threshold through the full range of motion and staying unique to your genetic makeup.  This will be different for every person that walks through our doors. So while our burley men might be working to complete failure with the heaviest of weights and slowest of motion, you will also see seniors doing the slow motion to fatigue and pushing their own limits to receive the stimulus to GET STRONGER!  This workout is truly for anyone and everyone.  We take a unique approach with our FIT Start and our FIT Plan through our consultation and the coming workouts.  This allows a person to have a perfect program that is tailored to their wants and needs.

Its ‘not a one-size-fits all’ program, but rather a way to find a lifestyle that works with your health and goals. This is a scientifically proven workout program that uses the slow motion training and is great for people on the go!  It’s personalized for each and every person to meet their goals in minimum time without causing injury or requiring dramatic lifestyle changes. Paired with whole food nutrition and detoxification….you are quickly on your way to a new healthier you!!

FIT is Full Intensity Training that safely pushes YOUR limits to raise YOUR fitness threshold.

How often do you give yourselves the excuse that you just don’t have time to get to the gym?  Well now there’s no excuse!  You can do a WHOLE BODY workout in 30 minutes that makes you feel like you just ran a marathon!  That’s right! Not only do you get all the benefits of Anaerobic Glycolysis (Cardio) immediately in this program, but you will also experience the fastest increase in strength and energy- and its PROVEN!!!

At TruFIT we believe that fitness is a foundation for ultimate happiness.  We believe that if you are stronger and healthier, you have more energy to do the things you love, you sleep better, you feel better about yourself and your sense of well being, which translates to being a good spouse, parent, sibling, and child, which makes a happy family. And when we have healthy relationships our professional career exceeds expectations, motivation is upheld, and goals are reached!   Just 30 minutes, once or twice a week can build your foundation. Everything else is just fun and recreation!  TruFIT can enhance all that you do outside of the facility… so why wouldn’t you give it a try??  Schedule your 3 Free Workouts right now and don’t miss out!

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